Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just Peachy...


Hello first post! I've waited so loooong for you! 
ha ha seriously though, didn't know blogging was so hard!
For this post I found a really neat article I want to share:

I think the moral of the article is we all need to eat more servings of fruits and veggies.  (ovbi)
So this last week I've been eating all fun colorful foods like crazy. I also had my first wheat grass shot today at Jamba Juice. It looked awful, but I downed it like a champ! It actually wasn't that bad.They even give you a mini orange slice with the shot which was nice. Except for the two women in line who gave me a dirty look as I drank it. (rude) I'd like to see them boss-up and take a shot! Unfortunely I haven't noticed any magical difference yet. Hopefully soon I'll be bright as a peach! Anyways I encourage you to try a wheat grass shot. (it gives you lots-o-energy) Hope you enjoyed my first post, yo!

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  1. those lady's were just jealoussss.......anyways, how many servings of f&v's should i be eating a day to have my skin flow crazy pretty like yours??