Thursday, August 30, 2012

D.I.Y. Dino Swag


I love dinosaurs. I really wish they still exist. You probably noticed from my last post the gold dinos chillin' in my photos. Recently I've been on a gold spray painting kick. I feel like I'm spray painting everything I see. So I decided to spray paint what I love. Dinosaurs. Once I did that I had the greatest ideal to put their heads on plaques. 

What you will need:
Glue gun
Gold spray paint (Walmart)
Plastic dinosaurs (Walmart 25 cents)
Sponge brushes (Michaels 49 cents)
Wooden plaques (Michaels $1-3)
 Martha Stewart satin acrylic craft paint ($1.99)

Got your dinos/zoo animals? Good. Now spray paint them gold, or whichever color makes you happy.
They will then look like this. Sweet huh? FYI you can buy the animals at the dollar store, but Walmart sells them for 25 cents each. They are bigger too.

Now use your brushes and paint your wooden plaques. You can get really creative here. I used three different colors on mine. The pink is called 'Blubblegum' the orange is 'Wild Salmon' and the blue one is 'Beach Glass'. They are all from the Martha Stewart collection at Michaels.

Here's what they'll look like all painted.

Use some scissors and cut your dino's. Make sure you have some quality craft scissors. Once you're done hot glue their head or back onto the painted wooden plaques. And vaalahhh your done. #dinoswag



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