Monday, August 27, 2012


Do you love spikes? Would you do anything for spikes? I would, but that's just me. I recently found the most amazing black shoulder spiked pleather jacket. It was so much DRAMA to get it, but I bought it and it's mine forever! Literally, it's from Forever 21. I spotted it while on my lunch break. Dazzling on a mannequin in the center of a window. I fell in love. Unfortunately I was running late back to work and had to leave it behind. I was starting to feel guilty for not buying it, so I grabbed my wallet and headed back. Knowing that they never take items down from windows. But for some reason I was feeling determined. Once inside Forever 21 it took me 10 min just to find somebody who could help me take it down. Well apparently only managers can take product off mannequins. That took me another 5 minutes to find a manager. When I found her she was super dramatic about taking down the jacket for me. But I begged and begged and finally she gave in. #puppyeyes The best thing was that it was the last one left and it was only about thirty dollars. #winning Anyways this is my first fashion post hope you enjoy! 

Shirt Zara here > $25.90

Jacket Forever 21. Headband Nordstrom here > $18.00

Some dollar store Dinos I spray painted gold

Shoes Chinese Laundry TJ Maxx #fashionista