Friday, August 24, 2012


I think you guys should know my absolute favorite Philosophy products. Seriously. There is one thing I can't live without. It is my Philosophy Microdelivery purifying peel. It is simply the best blemish remover. It works fast and helps minimize pimples. I prefer to use it overnight. Before I go to bed. First I wash my face, put on my night cream (Trish McEvoy even skin Vitamin C Cream), then I simply apply less than a drop onto a pimple or over where I'm most likely to breakout. I always notice a huge difference, especially in the morning. The blemish will reduced in size also in redness. You can also apply it ontop of makeup if you get a random zit. Just barely press a tiny amount for on the go. The tube I have which is in the photo below is about half way full now and is only 0.4 oz. I got it free in a gift set about a year ago. #travelsize That's right a little goes a long way. It's technically an enzyme peel, but I use it as my secret pimple disappearing weapon. #pow

This is what it really looks like (left). $40 for 3 oz can you imagine how long that would last you?  You can also buy them in pad form for $35.

The last two things I cannot live without is their lotions. My two favorite scents are 'Falling In Love' and 'Amazing Grace'. My mom will buy AG in bulk from Amazon. She loves her some. She gets so many compliments when she wears it. Which is like everyday. The two lotions are very different from each other. Falling In Love is more of a sweet sugary type of fragrance, while Amazing Grace is more of a clean fresh scent. Either way you can't go wrong. They are both $34 for 16 oz.

You can buy these products from Nodrstrom online. Or even better, from me. You can call me at Nordstom Northpark Center in Dallas at 214-231-3900 ext: 1411 (ask for Caitlin). We can place an order over the phone, or you can come in and see me in person.  You won't regret it #promise, I'll even hook you up with samples galore and a free quick makeup touch up!
P.S. shipping is always free and is 3-8 business days #whodoesntlovefreedollars 

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