Friday, August 3, 2012

Trish McEvoy

I haven't forgotten about my blog. Promise. Just been a little busy/lazy lately. (sorry)
Lemme' catch you up!  So I totes got into Cosmetics! Woooo for those of you who don't know I've been trying to get into cosmetics my whole life. At least it seems like a lifetime. I can officially say that I am a makeup artist! So I work at Nordstrom in Dallas at Northpark Center. I am at the TRISH MCEVOY counter. Been there for two weeks and loving every minute of it. I seriously can't get enough Trishhh. She's amazing! So I want to put together some of my favorites from her line<3 (in no particular order) here you go:

1. Eye Base Essentials
 shadow primer & upper eye brighter, designed to correct darkness and help with discoloration. Can be used alone or under shadow. $25.00
2. Intense Gel Liner 
Intensely pigmented, long wearing gel liner in pencil form. Glides on effortlessly. Smudge-proof. Comes in Black and Arabian Nights (blue). $28.00

3. High Volume Mascara
A revolutionary volumizing mascara forms a water-resistant, 360-degree coating around lashes, dries instantly and cannot smudge or smear. It's tubular. Slides off with warm water without leaving residue. (kinda looks like spider legs) $30.00

4.  Gorgeous Pink Shimmer Lip Gloss
It's a brush tip and has peppermint and vanilla in it. Which is why it's my favorite. #smellessogood $25.00

5. Beta Hydroxy Pads
These pads are an exfoliate designed to help skin look radiant by gently dissolving the dead cells that dull skin’s appearance. For me it helps with my blemishes. Use it 2 times a week at night! Promise it will make a difference. P.S. YOU should be exfoliating your skin 2-3 X's a week seriously it will make a difference in your skin's texture and appearance. $65.00
6. Brushes 
If you didn't know Trish's brushes are the BEST in the industry. I know they are a little pricey, but I promise you that they will make putting on product much easier. The brushes do all the work for you. They are an investment because they last for years and years. $135.00 for a set of 5. (tech 6 b/c one is double-ended) plus it comes in an adorable pink rasberry clutch! #gogetthemnow
7. No. 9 Blackberry Vanilla Musk
Trish's fragrances are amazing. Hard to choose my fav, but No. 9 is pretty epic. $85.00 here's the description: spicy-sweet, warm, playful scent that combines juicy blackberry buds, rich vanilla and sensuous velvet musk with white rose and cashmere woods.

Well that's it for now. If you would like to know anything else about each product let me know! Leave a comment. Or if you would Like to order any of these items you can contact me at my store. The number is 214-231-3900 ext: 1411 ask for Caitlin :) I can ship anything anywhere for free dollars! XXOO

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