Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Part 4

Alight y'all I'm almost done with these wedding post. Sorry If I am boring you guys.
I have one more after this one. Saving the best for last. #Dancingphotos P.S. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! #boo 

Maddox my lil stud


Monday, October 29, 2012

Makeup Monsters

Good things are here my little makeup monsters. So many great events are happening. 

Yes, it's that time again buy TWO mascaras and get ONE FREE! You heard me. Buy TWO get one for FREE DOLLARS. Starts Friday the 2nd and it's through the 3rd. Any mascara ANY brand. If you would like to pre-sale mascara with me just comment below or message me on Facebook. (Caitlin Ripp) We are pre-selling because we usually end up selling out of mascara. This way you are guaranteed your product. P.S. free shipping to all.

Now introducing, drum roll please.......
Nars has finally come out with their new collection.
Andy Warhol style.

Sets 'Edie' (circle shaped tin) $75 includes Liquid eye liner in 'Carpates' (black), Blush Duo in 'Deep Throat' & 'Amour', Eye shadow 'Edie', Pure matte lipstick in 'Film Star'

Marilyn Monroe set 'Beautiful Darling' $49 includes Nail polish in 'Candy Darling' (pretty pink), Lip gloss in 'Womens Revolt' (red), Eye shadow duo in "Femme Fatale' (seafoam green & shimmery cream)

Set 'Photo Booth'- $35
Black Room
Silver Factory
Soup Can
Chelsea Girls

Nail Polish- $18
 Superstar (blue)
15 Minutes (yellow)
TV Party (orange)
New York Dolls (purple)
Eye Shadow Sticks $24
(hand top-bottom)
Silver Factory

Blush 'Satellite Of Love'- $28 (it's kinda a mixture of Laguna bronzer and Nico)
I literally bought this right away when I saw it today. It's amazing so pretty on.

If you live in Dallas we are having a super fantastic, incredible, nothing but amazing event. It's called our Beauty Wake-Up Party! It's only $15 a ticket which is redeemable in product. Not bad huh? Especially since we are providing refreshments. #nomnom

Where: Nordstrom NorthPark Center
When: November 17, 2012
Time: doors open at 8:45 showtime 9AM-10AM

Why should you come?
-first 200 customers receive official wake-up party bag
-we are giving out free raffles such as...
-Much more
-National makeup artist
-I'll probably be there #duh
-Over $500 in free goods to be raffled out

Anyways this event is going to be major. Get your girlfriends and COME! If you would like to purchase a ticket email me at: Hope to see you there!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Part 3

Rehearsal dinner.
Twas lovely and yummy. My mother slaved away for dayz just for this night. She made the most delicious Mexican food. We all celebrated and had a grand time. 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Part 2

Yes, part two.
What? I had to post photos from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. #duh I can't help it that the bride gave me her amazing professional Cannon camera and demanded that I take lots of pictures. I actually really liked it though. Come to think of it, I played a huge role in their wedding. I was part photographer, makeup artist, rehearsal dinner DJ, and I provided the best dancing entertainment the whole night. #dancefloorpro Anyways the rehearsals went smoothly. Enjoy the photos! Oh and if you can't tell I love my brothers. <3

The groom and groomsmen minus myself.
From Left to Right: Justin (groom), Top TJ (Justin's little brother), Zach (Justin's twin & best man), Keegan (other best man), Bottom Gavin (youngest brother), Parker (Eldest Bro), Uncle (aka Dan J's friend from college) 

P.S. I voted today. You should too! Everyone has a voice, I believe that voting is important. So get up and vote yo! #Obama2012