Saturday, October 13, 2012


Ahhh....I can't get over that Fall is already here. #favoritetimeoftheyear
I really want to go to the state fair. My brother and his boyfriend went without me earlier this week. All I want is a funnel cake, corn dog, and fried everything is that too much to ask? Ugh so annoying that my own brother wouldn't wait to go to the fair with his awesome little sister. I've been pretty bummed about it. Especially since I have no friends in Texas to go with. #sadstory It's true though. It's really hard meeting honest, good, fun people these days. Such a bummer cause I'm such  great entertainment. On a happier note I'm getting a new roommate! Since my mega babe bestie Whitcuhhh decided to move her sweet a$$ back to Utah. #boo Anyways his name is Drew! He is one of my brother's really good friend. (Finally I'll have a man around the house. So I can get some real chores done) I got so excited so during my weekly Target trip I bought us matching mugs! I know what you're thinking a boy as a roommate? Don't worry boyz he is single ;) and he is from Mississippi. Has the cutest southern accent. He is in amazing shape, and cooks the most amazing meals. Well at least they look amazing. I only know through his photos on Instagram. #foodporn Don't believe me? Follow him on and see for yourself at "Drewface28". 

(This is drew)

(these are our matching mugs)

Anyways on to the good fashion stuff...

What I'm wearing

Hat: Cotton On $14
Blouse: Forever 21 $22
Pants: Forever 21 $27
Shoes: Shu Deal $30
Bracelet: Forever 21 $8
Neckless: H&M $? (it's old)


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