Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Part 2

Yes, part two.
What? I had to post photos from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. #duh I can't help it that the bride gave me her amazing professional Cannon camera and demanded that I take lots of pictures. I actually really liked it though. Come to think of it, I played a huge role in their wedding. I was part photographer, makeup artist, rehearsal dinner DJ, and I provided the best dancing entertainment the whole night. #dancefloorpro Anyways the rehearsals went smoothly. Enjoy the photos! Oh and if you can't tell I love my brothers. <3

The groom and groomsmen minus myself.
From Left to Right: Justin (groom), Top TJ (Justin's little brother), Zach (Justin's twin & best man), Keegan (other best man), Bottom Gavin (youngest brother), Parker (Eldest Bro), Uncle (aka Dan J's friend from college) 

P.S. I voted today. You should too! Everyone has a voice, I believe that voting is important. So get up and vote yo! #Obama2012


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