Monday, December 10, 2012

Fringe Fail

I went thrifting the other day. I made a really stupid decision, and didn't leave with this amazing fringe jacket. I panicked, and ran out. #StupidGirl  So here I am flaunting it off sending picture messages to my friend Whitney. Asking for her approval. She said "I like the ideal of it, but not the fit". I agreed, but hung onto it while I walked around the store. I finally came to an agreement in my head and decided to listen to my friend and pass on the jacket. Now I'm thinking that I could of gotten that beautiful piece fitted. It was only twenty dollars. Maybe I'll go back this week and if it's meant to be it will be there waiting for me. #CrossYaFingasss

Anyways It's been awhile since I've last blogged. So to Catch y'all up here's a little list of what I have been up to these days. 

-Ankle is better still in brace
-50% of my Christmas shopping done
-I bought myself my 1st big girl shoes #redbottoms
-I dropped my phone into the bath tub tonight
-I've gained 8 lb's #help
-My dog takes up more of my bed than I do
-I found the worlds best facial exfoliater (blog on it soon)
-I still have weird fingers
-My neighbors think I'm insane
-Finally got Spotify
-Redecorated my room
-Still single
-I hate the show Ice Loves CoCo
-Yesterday it was 75' and today it's 40 degrees #TexasWeather
-Holiday Hours started at work :(
-Lindsey Lohan #smh
-My obsession with bugs have grown
-Country music still makes me sick
That's all I've got folks. Have a good day and spread some Holiday cheer. #TisTheSeason


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