Friday, January 11, 2013

Curly Hair: Tutorial

Here's a written tutorial on my signature curly hair. Everyone asks me what I use to curl, and how I do it. So I figure I'd blog about it. Down below are my finished looks. Scroll a bit more and we'll get down to business. 

Hot Tools Nano Tapered Iron 1 1/4 in $44 (Ulta)

Spornette Little Teaser Brush $5 (Sally Beauty)

Oscar'Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray (Nordstrom)

Hair clips $3 any type i prefer these kind (Sally Beauty)

You will want to curl your hair in three sections starting at the bottom. Clip all your hair up except the bottom layer. I usually section my bottom layer sixths (three long curls on each side of the face). Now here is the key, you want to hold the hot wand upside down with the ( skinny tip facing down). Curl your hair around the wand. Make sure you curl away from your face  This is very important. It will make the hair will look better! Then take you next section down and repeat until your finished. Spray with hairspray not too much, but just enough to run your fingers through. VOILA you're done! F.Y.I. I curl my bangs in small tiny sections to make it look more piecey. 


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