Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nars Skin Care

"The best skin is skin that can reflect light."-Francois Nars

So this is my daily skincare routine. I love Nars and have been using their skin care for about two months. So far I have no complaints. All of Nars skincare is dermatologist tested. It is fragrance, paraben, and alcohol free. 

Left to right.
Aqua Gel Luminous oil-free moisturizer. $58
Optimal Brightening concentrate. $72 (I have the old formula)
Multi-Action Hydrating Toner. $32
Gentle Cream Cleanser. $29
  • P.s. this isn't the whole Nars skincare collection. I really like their Total Replenishing Eye cream which is $58 I just haven't bought it yet. I also don't have the Double Refining Exfoliator it's $34 and to be honest I don't really care for it. I have a different exfoliator that I will blog about. But don't get me wrong I have lots of friends who love Nars exfoliator. It is still a great one to have.

I saved the best for last. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. A.K.A. The essential skin care item to have. This baby saves me when I get a juicy red blemish. I mean it doesn't have to be juicy or red it can be small, underground, or just a zit that wont go away. This lotion makes any blemish disappear. Use it at night after you wash your face. Take a q-tip and dip one end into the pink solution on the bottom. Then apply it onto blemish. DO NOT shake the bottle. $17

FYI this isn't my full skin are essentials I will post more of my skin are later on. You're welcome.

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