Sunday, January 13, 2013


Sometimes I am blown away by how many clients I get that don't exfoliate. It's very important to exfoliate because it removes the dead cells that dulls skin's appearance. Also it unplugs pores and can provide a healthy glow. It's the key to vibrant skin. So scrub your face it's good for you!

I can't tell you enough how much I love Freeze 24-7's 'Icecrystals' anti age prep exfoliating polish. I just want to scream it off a mountain top!!!! This stuff is AMAZING. #nojoke I am literally obsessed with it. Hands down the world's best facial exfoliator. It leaves my face feeling soft like a baby's bottom. It crazy how much better my skin looks/feels after using it. (more info HERE) $65

Now to my absolute favorite lip scrub. This goes to Sara Happ. She's a genius. This is the tastiest scrub I have ever used. Plus it's edible! It comes in all sorts of flavors such as red velvet cake, brown sugar, vanilla bean, peppermint, and so on. I have the coco flavored one as you can see. (more info HERE) $24

What would I do without my Clarisonic? This baby has made my skin so much better. It's seriously amazing if  you don't have one, where have you been? Get it HERE (Prices range from $119-235) What I especially love about my MIA Clarisonic is that you can use any facial wash with it. It helps deep cleanse the pores without being too harsh on the skin. I know they are pricey, but I promise you wont be upset.

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