Monday, January 21, 2013

Sugar, Sugar

Why exfoliate your lips? Because nobody likes dry, cracked, lizard skin lips. I always exfoliate my clients lips before I apply lipstick. This allows the lipstick to lay on the lips flawlessly. Have you ever put lipstick on when they are cracked? It doesn't look so pretty. Why? Because the lipstick lays deep within the lines of your lips? Making them appear uneven. #deadskin #ew When I was in Utah Whitney and I made ourselves some homemade sugar lip scrub. Might I add that it was delicious and edible. Ingredients and directions below.

Basically add all ingredients together. I put them into an old mason jar. Then I used a skewer stick to mix them together. You might need to add more sugar to get the right consistency. I like mine very grainy. Makes it feels like my lips are getting a better scrub. Put the jar in the fridge and it's good for about 2 weeks. Kiss Kiss!

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