Sunday, February 3, 2013

D.I.Y. Heart Garland

Since it's February I thought it would be cute to post a fun "D.I.Y.". This will probably be the easiest DIY on the planet. It's so simple and cute. 

Heart shaped hole punch
Tiny hole punch
String or twine 
Paint chip samples (Lowes/Home Depo)
I got all items from Michaels expect the paint samples. You can get those for FREE at any paint or home improvement store.

1.) Use heart shaped hole punch to make dozens of hearts
2.) Use small hole punch to make two punches close together. This will serve as the holes that you place the string through (kinda button holes)
3.) Thread string through the tiny holes
4.) Add as many to your string as you want 
5.) Use tape to hang up the garland
6.) Now pat yourself on the back and instagram your creation with the hashtag #otwwl

And VOILA you have yourself a Heart Shaped Garland! 
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