Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Location: West Village
Store: LF
Sale: Stupid Crazy

So LF is one of my favorite stores ever. I mean everything is to die for. It's a very unique, edgy, fashion  forward store. The only downfall is that nothing is cheaper than $100. So with their product being so expensive, I don't really shop there often. But I did this past weekend. Only because they were having the most amazing sale ever. That said here's what I bought!

Skirt: $24
Shoes: Forever 21
Headbands: $10 (they were originally $55)
Skinny Carmar Camo jeans: $36  
First off let me tell you how long I've been searching for the perfect camo jean. I found these a few months back when they weren't on sale and desperately had to have them. They were originally $238 and I had to say 'NO'. Thankfully I found these babies during the sale. #hallelujah Found some other gems there too just too lazy to take photos and post them. Anyways if you live in Dallas you better go check out LF promise it wont disappoint.

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