Saturday, June 8, 2013

DJ Crippa

Like I've mentioned before I DJ, and I'm damn good at it. Not to be boastful, but let's get real I have amazing taste in party music. Not to mention killer dance moves that would make your chin drop to the floor.
Last weekend I got paid the big bucks to DJ for my brother Zachary's resident party. As you can see I gladly accepted. If you didn't know Zach is in his third year at Parkland in Dallas. Main focus? The 'va-jay-jay'. Yes, that hot YOUNG lad below in the green bow-tie is DR.Ripp. He delivers babies, and looks pretty all day. His favorite song? Single Ladies by Beyonce (he also knows the whole dance routine). You better run for cover if you ever find yourself near him and that song comes on. #fierce
Well, I should blog more. I'm trying to be better about that. Oh in other news in the life of Caitlin. My friend Whitney will be moving to Dallas in less than 2 weeks. So that will make this summer even better can't wait! Now if I could magically be bikini ready that would be great. I started a new diet plan that I will share soon. #tiu Eating healthy isn't my thing, but I have been doing pretty good this. Pretty much salad every damn day. Wish me luck though. I still crave candy like a fat kid. That will never change.
Have a happy Saturday!


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