Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kiss New York

I love when I find the best makeup at the 'weave store'. Shout out to Gold Beauty Supply in Mesquite (FB) I swear they have the ultimate selection of  beautiful cheap makeup around. lol I seriously love going there. I can buy 15-20 items for easily under fifty dollars.

It blows my mind though. Since I work at a 'fancy' department store in Cosmetics I feel like I am getting away with stealing. Since one or two items equal $50 bucks or more. I just don't understand how all these grown women can spend so much money on makeup when you can buy the same thing cheaper at the same quality or even higher. #mindboggling (not saying all cheap makeup is better) because I love me some YSL and Chanel Mascara.

Anyways, I had this face set below since the beginning of summer and wanted to share since I'm in love. So the blush reminds me of 'Gilda' by Nars, and the highlighter is very similar to 'Albatross' also by Nars $29 each. The bronzer is very much like the 'Bronze Patrol' by Napoleon Perdis which runs for $50. Look if we were at Nordstrom we would be over $100 buck-a-roos by now. 

Not too sure where they sell Kiss New York products other than Gold's, but here is their site kiss new york usa and this set was around 5-7 dolla bills y'all. Hope you can find it, came in three or four different colors.


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