Tuesday, November 12, 2013

6th st

How was your weekend? Mine was well spent with a good friend, and of course tons of sweet dance moves. Sweaty classic dance moves. I don't really like going out in Dallas too much. The people, the outfits, attitudes, and d-bags are too much for me. I always seem to  have a fantastic time at Sixth Street though. They play the right kind of music. Which is a collection of hip hop and gangster rap. Last Friday night they threw in some old school Back Street Boys and *Nsync which made my night. I was defiantly loving that. I just wish It was easier to make friends out here in the big D. I find the people here aren't as friendly. Not too much southern hospitality like you hear in the movies. Maybe I should pick up some random class or hobby to meet some chill peeps. Suggestions...? 


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