Thursday, November 14, 2013


So My tattoo...I'm kind of obsessed with it.
My brother Zach was the genius behind the whole aesthetic of the tat. He is a doctor and delivers babies. If you didn't know I come from a big family.  A family that lives 5-20 mins away from each other. (minus my bro Gav who is currently in Seattle) Since most of us are close we spend lots of time with one another.  Always going out to dinner or meeting up at the parents house. We're loud, rude, and totally raunchy, but I like it. With eight people in my family plus five nieces and two nephews things are always interesting. Anyways, back to my brother when he delivers babies he  marks a square if the baby is a boy and a circle if it's a girl. That's where he got creative and designed the tattoo. So each square and circle represents a member of my family. 

From the top

Tom (dad)
Hazel (mom)
Justin (twin)
Zachary (twin)
Caitlin (me)

 The twins have the same tattoo on their bodies. One on his right foot and the other on the right side of his ribs. Only theirs are broken up into two columns. Maybe one day all of us will have it, but that might be a little weird. For now let's just leave it to us three. Also another surprise I'm adopted. Somehow I got extremely  lucky and got stuck with five amazing big brothers and two loving parents. Making this the main reason why my tattoo is special to me.


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