Monday, November 11, 2013


I don't know about you, but I love changing up my room. Something about change and organization gets me excited. I love cleaning and can get lost in the zone for hours. But if you ask me to clean my room, that's another story. I can't clean on the spot. I have to literally prepare myself for when I'm about to clean. I have to sit on the ground and meditated. Music on and phone away.

Nothing makes me feel more satisfied then having my life and things organized. I feel like a woman *cue Shania Twain lyrics. I know it sounds weird, but if I could stay at home all day and clean I would. Sometimes I wish I was already married just so I could be cooking, cleaning, and baking. I would seriously make the world's best wiffey. I love finding new recipes on Pinterest. I have pretty good skills in the kitchen if I say so myself. So if any of you know any gorgeous single males in the Dallas area hook a sista up. I am very veryyyyyy single. 


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