Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Nothing better than rocking this fall's beauty trends to the fullest. Boudior lips, defined eyes, bold brows and of course a beautiful contour. My favorite part about this years trend is the ox-blood deep statement lip. Finally a trend that isn't so boring, but stands out and makes a big impression.

Ladies and fabulous gentlemen let me introduce to you Train Bleu velvet matte lip pencil by Nars. This is my favorite emo/gothic/grungy lip ever. If you ever want to feel like a badass I highly recommend this color. I respect a girl who can rock a dramatic statement lip with no shame. This shade is the deepest aubergine you can find. I know this isn't every girls color, but ladies stop being basic and try it out. Trust me I'm a makeup artist. I get so many comments from strangers than when I wear my typical everyday peachy lip color. So if you have $25 bucks laying around go into Sephora or Nordstrom and get you some. Or if you're lazy order it here online. The pros about this product is that it's a stain so it last long time. It's rich in color and glides on easily. Now the cons are that it can be drying so apply a conditioning lip balm before applying the color.


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