Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winter SKINCARE Routine

With Dallas being 75 one day and the 40 the next my poor skin can't keep up. My face is breaking out and is extremely dry. It's the worst. I just hate it when my skin is flaking. So I have decide to up my skincare game. I've invested in a hydrating serum, moisturizer, and exfoliator.

When I say 'invested' I mean it. Good skincare that works doesn't come cheap. Everyone should know this. I'd rather splurge on quality products for my face than cosmetics. Think about it. When your face looks and feels good you don't want to apply as much makeup.

I know I'm young but I feel that starting good skincare at 25 is crucial. Now is the time. I've heard several older women say that they wish they had paid for quality skincare when they were younger. #Trust 

So here's the scoop, Kate Somerville is a skincare god. I have been using these three products for a little over a month and seen great results. It's all about taking time for your face, being consistent, and ALWAYS washing your face at night. Number 1 you need a active extoliator. Number 2 you NEED a serum I prefer a hydrating one since I'm extra dry. Finally number 3 moisturizer this is key to keeping your skin feeling it's best. (oh and having an eye cream is important too) I just haven't found 'the one' yet.

I have tried several exfoliaters in my past and none have stuck except for this one. F.Y.I. this is a very VERY active exfoliater   I like to use it in the shower. Trust me you will feel this product working. It's deep cleansing and polishes hardcore without over-drying the skin. I use this about twice a week.

Quench Face Serum 

This serum makes my skin feel so smooth and my makeup look better. I love the texture, and how it feels. It's like a silky hydrating dream on your skin. I use this daily and nightly. Sometimes I get excited and put 2-3 pumps on, but normally one pump is enough for the whole face.

Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream 
If you didn't know all of Kate's products smell amazing. This moisturizer smells so fresh. It has a medium thickness, but feels lightweight on skin without feeling greasy. What I love about Age Arrest is that it diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, hydrates, and reduces discoloration of the skin.

Let me do add that yes skincare is expensive, but Kate Somerville is pretty reasonable. It's a happy medium in price range. But believe me skincare is an investment that you won't want to be cheap on. It will defiantly be worth it in the end. In 20 years from now when you're 'old' and everyone is telling you look like you're 20 you will thank me. #YoureWelcome Check out Kate's whole line and find what works best for you. Or go into Nordstrom and talk to specialist and get samples and try it out. P.S. if you live in Dallas I work at Nordstrom Northpark Center and would love to help you find the right skincare for you. Come on into our Beauty Spot and ask for Caitlin.


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