Thursday, December 5, 2013


Don't you guys hate it when you go to Walmart to pick up things you need such as toilet paper, but get distracted. Like get lost in the beauty department that you actually forgot to buy the one thing you came into the store for. Seems to happen to me all the time.

Anyways, I left Walmart with this gorgeous blush by Hard Candy. It's called Honeymoon. I prefer it more as a luminizer than a actual blush. It's the perfect highlight for on top of the cheek bone and just above the brow. Color is a soft baby pink, with a ton of shimmer without being glittery. It gives you an amazing glow and is perfect to wear everyday. It's so intense that I haven't touch my Nars Albatross in days. Why I like Hard Candy's Honeymoon is that the light pink color looks well on my olive skin tone. It's so pretty that I just had to share the love.

Guys I couldn't get the right lighting for the product to show well on my hand, so don't judge. It's amazing I promise. So in love with this. You can get yours at Walmart where they sell it for $7, unreal #stupidcheap or get it online here


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