Thursday, December 19, 2013


I got my very first Voxbox yesterday and I am so excited to share what goodies I received. But first a little F.Y.I. I am receiving these products complimentary of Influenster for testing purposes.  Here's what was in the box:

Skinny Cow Divine filled chocolates
NYC New York HD color trio eye shadow
Rimmel London new Show Off lip lacquer
Puffs Ultra soft & strong to go tissue
Ducklings Mini Roll

Let me start off by saying how impressed I was with the Rimmel London Lip lacquer. It's basically a lipstick and a lip gloss combined into one in lip gloss packaging. Its has a fruity type of smell to it which I like and the color is extremely rich. It doesn't stain, but stays on the lips without the color fading quickly. I seriously love this product. This is something I typically wouldn't pick up from the drugstore, but now that I've tried it I want more colors. This is a lot coming from a beauty guru at a huge department store. Ha ha not really you guys know I love me some drug store beautyyyy. This is a A+ in my books the color I received is called 401 Aurora which is a fun strawberry red color.

My next favorite is the Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates. #duh I mean I've never really tried these things before. I've seen them in the store just never bought them thinking they taste like dirt since they are the "skinny" version of chocolate. Because if we are going to be honest I love my See's Candy California Brittle. Anyways I got lucky to try the milk chocolate filled with peanut butter crème. Boy I wrong about these chocolates, they are delicious. I mean the peanut butter part literally melts in your mouth. One bare has 3 pieces of chocolate which is only 130 calories. I think everyone needs to try them A+ love

The NYC color trio palette is not too shabby. I really like the three shades which are perfect for an easy everyday basic eye look. Although I wish one of the colors could have been darker. There isn't too much drama in the colors. I would of added a bolder shade to make the shadows on the eyes pop more. But they quality is pretty decent. Nice pigment and blends well. C +

The Ducklings Mini roll is absolutely adorable. I have found no use for it yet, but I can see potential for it. I love the concept of it and how fun sized it is. I am giving this product a B-

Puffs Ultra soft & strong to go tissue pack is one of those thing I keep in my car, purse, and gym bag. These tissues always come in handy when you have them with you. I never really buy them for myself. I have also had them given to my from my mom. But yeah they are really just tissues nothing more to say. A-


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