Friday, January 24, 2014


This stuff  ^ in the photo above smells just like this....

Yes ma'am. The Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampoo is shiiiiit. Yeah I said it. Real life. The moment my hairdresser sprayed it in my hair I freaked and was like "is that marshmallow fluff"? He laughed and agreed with me. I have tried a ton of dry shampoo's and have failed to love one until now. 

-Gives hair body and texture while removing oil and odor. 
-Adds shine
-Paraben Free

Key to using it properly is to shake shake SHAKE and shake some more. 

I've noticed with other dry shampoos is that they leave a powdery white residue unlike this one.

Literally drop all other dry shampoos and go out and buy the Kevin Murphy one now. You're hair and  nose will thank you I promise. But like why do I have so many? Hahaha I'm such a hoarder.


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