Tuesday, January 7, 2014


White Rock Lake is one of my favorite places in Dallas. From dog parks to random little trails it's a fun place to get lost and explore. That's just what I did. Across the bridge behind the doggie park was just the place for my pup and I to adventure. Big F.I.Y. it has been freezing in Dallas lately and this day was no exception. My weird little fingers were frozen like popsicles. That didn't stop me from being outside and enjoying the view. Don't let the sunshine fool you it's very deceiving. My new motto for this year is to be outside more than inside. Get in touch with nature and that kind of stuff lol. There's something about not being on your phone 24/7 that makes me feel more experienced. I noticed on days that I haven't checked Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that I'm a happier more satisfied person. 

Beanie- Cotton On (on sale), Jacket- Thrifted Buffalo Exchange , Jeans- Carmar (only sold at LF), Jean Vest- Forever 21Sweater- Cotton OnBoots- Shu Deals



  1. Hey, your blog is really nice! I started mine recently!
    Come to visit it, maybe we can also follow each other! What do you think?
    I hope to see you in my followers soon,
    Cheers, Lisa ♡


  2. Cute outfit! I wish we visited this place while we were there!