Thursday, February 20, 2014

Collar poppin'

Nothing says 'girly' better than an embellished collar. I've had this peach button down blouse in my closet for about a year. I've worn it once, and that was today. Don't ask me why I haven't worn it sooner, because I have no clue. #foolishgirl I got many compliments in this number. I was feeling so fresh that I had to take an outfit selfie. 

I found it on the additional 50% off sale rack at A'Gaci sometime last year.

I would put a link on where you could purchase one, but my bad you can't.  Let's be honest I don't feel 'too bad' about it.

Maybe this will inspire you to D.I.Y. your own bedazzled collar. You'll be super trendy if you do. Trust me. Thats a lot of work though, so I recommend on buying your own somewhere. Good luck!


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