Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Flakes to Flames

Woke up to snow flakes fluttering all around me this morning. It was  beautiful to see a blanket of white snow greeting me. What better way to spend my day than getting a head start on some Valentines cards. By the way Target has the most darling nick-nacks right now. (Check 2nd photo) Believe it or not all those cute V-Day decorations are in the dollar section right when you walk into Target. I was loving them and had to have them for myself. Mean while I decided to take a few snap shots of some decorations in my room. If you know me then you know I love gold spray paint, dinosaurs, and all white everything. I'm weird and kinda have a thing for bugs too. I'll post my bug collection later. Anyways it was nice to have the day to myself I got to catch up on my book and paint my nails. Nothing better than having time for yourself. 
I won't lie though almost burnt my whole house down in flames. I was laying in bed reading my book, when all a sudden I smell something burning. I look over and my candle flame had caught my fake flowers on fire. I had a brief freak-out moment then quickly reacted. Got the flame out and had a mini heart attack. Scariest experience ever. How embarrassing now I need to go to Ikea and buy some more fake flowers. Lol maybe I should invest in real ones. 

Look how sad :(


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