Wednesday, February 26, 2014

B l a c k // M o o d

Selfie central.
I can't help myself with this new hat. I don't know what it is, but every time I put it on I feel the need to take a selfie. It makes me feel like a hipster queen.
 Anyways, this hat is EVERYTHING. I found this gem at Pandemonium. (one of the thrift shops I hit up last week) Yeah, I'm in love. My snapbacks don't even compare to this number. It's a true vintage piece that I am proud to own. It typically isn't something I'd buy, but when I put it on it fit perfectly. I kinda felt like Cinderella. 

I'm so damn excited about this hat I almost forgot about this amazing halter top I'm wearing. It's beautiful, right? Beaded and all. I thank the Urban Outfitters sale gods for this one. Snagged it for $19 bucks. My mama would be proud. Actually no she probably tell me that I need to stop doing "unnecessary shopping". Pshhhh #BYEFELICIA 
Do you have any vintages pieces? If so then what...

Ohh and if you were wondering what lip color I have on my lips its 'Black Mood' by Nicka K. It's freakin' rad. When I purchased it I thought I was buying a legit black lipstick. But when I put it on it changed color. Hence 'Black Mood' lol it's like a mood ring for your lips. I guessing the color looks different on everyone, but on me it turned a beautiful dark fuchsia. I wipe off the lipstick and it stained onto my lips. This stuff is crazy and awesome at the same time The weird thing is I can't seem to find it listed on the website. But go into your local Weave store (or beauty supply) and buy it.


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