Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vintage Thrifting | Like a Boss

Today I had a lady data with a friend from work. We adventured out to our favorite local thrift shops. Boy we were lucky. Both of us scored some awesome gems. Almost everything I found today seemed like a diamond in the rough.  Never had I ever had such good luck out thrifting. I wish every time was like today. Mostly when I go I'm not in the right mood and get too ADD. I feel like you need to be prepared and in the right state of mind to thrift well. Or else everything seems overwhelming.

Here's a list of the places we visited today:

Ended up with
-2 rings
-2 vinyl records
-pair of overalls *TREND ALERT*
-beaded dress
-Indian choker
-vintage purse
-5 t-shirts
-one cream sweater

And yes, that is Purple Rain by Prince. lol It's such a pretty cover I just might have to frame it.
I really enjoy thrifting because I can find unique items that nobody else will have. I also find that it challenges my style. I like having to create an outfit. The fact that I can pair unusual pieces together and for it look organic. I enjoy when someone asks me "where did you get that" and I say I found it thrifting. Maybe I'm cruel, but it brings joy to me knowing that nobody  else can copy 'my look' since I know that won't be able to find the same item.
I say I did pretty damn good. 



  1. My daughter & I love to thrift too. I look for home decor items and she loves the fashion. What a fun blog you have.

    1. Ah thank you so much! Checking your blog out now!


  2. Aww your such a sweetheart I absolutely love wht I do and love making my customers happy! Hope to see you again xoxo until nxt time! ~,^

  3. P.S. The Junky Monkey ♥'s U too ~,^