Thursday, March 27, 2014

D.I.Y. | Flower Crown

(via Pinterest for inspiration) 

I say I'm a pretty 'artsy' person. Crafting calms and relaxes me. I have been wanting to make flower crowns for about a year now. Always had the supplies, but never made time for it. Finally I busted them out and got it done. I am pretty excited how they turned out. Thought I'd share how easy they are to make. 

You will need:
Flowers: Michaels & Dollar Tree
Hot glue gun
Headbands the plastic ones that are stretchy(Dollar Tree) 

Take your flowers and cut of steams. I cut them down pretty short so that the wire isn't stabbing into my head. Once you've done that arrange them out how you would like it to look on your head. I typically place the larger flowers in the center and smaller on the outer. There is no right or wrong way. Then I grab my hot glue gun and go. I start gluing the flowers on from the middle out. This is seriously the easiest craft. So I'm pretty confident you can do it too.


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