Wednesday, March 5, 2014

-Ginger Queen-

The Ginger Queen is back!

Whenever I have the urge to change my hair it has to be done ASAP, or I will go crazy. I felt the urge coming on strong Tuesday night while I was at work. So I texted my fabulous hair dresser and made an appointment for 10 am the very next day. 
Needless to say, but I love it. He did such an amazing job. I love the bold red-violet!

Girls & guys if you don't know who John better recognize. If you haven't found a great hairstylist in Dallas here ya go.

He works here:
Chad Rookstool Salon

So you better go see him.



  1. I love love love the red... make me want to go back! werk it girl!

    1. Thank babe and yes be red with meeeee :)