Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hard Night Good Morning

Product Review Time Y'all

Hard Night Good Morning

I recently received some goodies in the mail and wanted to share my thoughts on them.
All their products are natural and aloe vera based. Everything being plant based makes it even more appealing for all you vegan people. Oh and holler at the PETA community they also don't test on animals. If you're someone who has sensitive skin this is great for you because there is no paraben, phosphate, sulfate or phthalate in the line. So I guess it makes it safe for all skin types. #duh

PM Oil Cleanser (here) $26

I give this 5 stars. I was more than surprised with how amazing this oil works. I've have tried a few products similar to this one. Only this one really works. It literally took off all my eye makeup. Even melted away my black waterproof eyeliner with ease. I can honestly say that I will buy this stuff when it runs out. I highly recommend it. All you do is apply to finger tips and massage into eyes.

What it does:
-Removes makeup and cleanses skin
-Keeps skin balanced and hydrated
-Great for hair

Eye Cream (here) $39

I wish I could say a lot about this product, but I really can't. Not saying that I don't like it. I just need more time using it, like any eye cream you don't see results right away. So give me a few more months and I'll be backing reviewing it. I will say that I enjoy the texture of the cream. Apply under eye pressing gently with ring finger. I take the left over product and smooth it into my smile lines.

What it does:
-Combats puffiness, dark circles and overall skin aging around the delicate eye area
-smoothes, firms, and tightens
-Nominated by Natural Health magazine as one of the “Best Eye Creams”

The only cons I have about both are the packaging. I'm not in love with the appearance of the items. They aren't very appealing to the eye, but this really isn't a big issue. As long as they work then I don't care. But I will say that I was disappointed most in the design of the PM Cleansing Oil. The cap on the bottle sucks, it won't stay on very well. I'll place it in my drawer and whenever I open it the lid has come off. #annoying

 If you want to know more about the brand check them out at


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