Friday, March 21, 2014

Hope Outdoor Gallery | Castle Hill

This is HOPE Outdoor Gallery 

It's free to the public and is awesome to see in person. I recommend wearing shoes that grip well if you plan on climbing up to the top.  The graffiti changes a lot making it a unique experience each time you visit. Defiantly a place to check out if your in Austin Texas.

1049 Baylor St Austin, Tx

I took a random trip to Austin this weekend and fell in love. I've been to ATX before, but something stole my heart this time. Not sure if it was all the stylish hipsters or the random colorful walls of graffiti that gave me heart eyes.
Dallas is a rude, depressing, un-cool version of Austin. People here suck and aren't friendly. Its real hard to make friends and have a good time going out without people being judgmental. ATX is chill compared to DTX. So much more relaxed and free. Nobody cares about your stupid Louis Vuitton wallet, awful Tory Burch shoes, and your over priced handbag. It literally kills me sorry not sorry. Got carried away, just needed to put that out there. #truthhurts
Austin peeps are so effortlessly cool and friendly. I love the city and all the nature that comes with it. People walking on the street right down to clear water of Barton Springs. Everything about Austin screams Caitlin. I need it in my life and I promise you I will move there one day just need to get myself out of this Dallas bubble. Haha a girl can dream.

Austin > Dallas



  1. I came across your blog just now through a friend of mine on's great! :) Besides the point I wanted to comment about the different atmospheres on Dallas versus Austin. I have visited Austin a couple of times and boyyyy do I find myself loving it there more and more! Dallas needs an attitude makeover for sure! :(

    1. Ahhh I totally agree attitude check 1 2 3! So glad you agree, and so happy you came across the blog :)