Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Overalls && Lollipops

The overall trend has made it round and is back again in style. I didn't hop on this trend when it show it's face around last spring. I couldn't really get into it, since growing up all I wore were stupid overalls. I had three main pair that I rotated each week. 1.) The Winnie the Pooh pair 2.) Pocahontas with Mekko the raccoon popping out the pocket and 3.) The Asian silk patched theme They were my life and I wore them way longer than any child should have.

Now I have found an 'adult pair' of overalls that are acceptable to wear. Not to piss anyone off, but I got them at a thrift store on sale with an additional 50% off. Whoomp there it is. Yes $2 bucks for this glorious pair. How chic is the back of them...right? 
I wanted to show two different styles of tops you can wear under overalls.
1. the crop razor back
2. your average crop tee
VIA Forever 21 for the crop tops 

 I wore an open back bootie by DV to give me a little height since the legs are a bit long on me. Being 5'2 I need the extra height. The booties looked great and I thought heels be weird to wear with this style of overall. 

These lollipops are the sh!t!
I was first introduced to them at a Valentines night out event. I was with a few local bloggers and I was telling them to try to pops.  I even recommend that they take a few home. I warned them and later they were upset that they hadn't taken more. 
Can I have a fat girl moment here? So after tying these suckers I had to have a bag for myself. I was determined to find some since they were limited edition. I honestly thought I would find them. But no, sadly after 6 different places I gave up and went to the world wide web. Searched forever, and finally found a site that had them in stock. Anyway's three bags later I'm a happy fatty. Dreams do come true.

Overalls Value World {Thrifted}

Necklace Color By Amber Old {CBA}

Heart lollipop SweeTart {Candywarehouse}

Flag Hat Urban Outfitters old {Similar}

Vintage Hat Pandemonium {Thrifted}