Sunday, April 6, 2014

À La Mode

Too Faced | A La Mode Eyes

Ahhh yes, another trip to Ulta and I had to come home with this. Can you blame me though? Look at it, it's perfect! The colors are vibrant and bold. I wouldn't of forgiven myself if I didn't buy it. But, let me stop here to say I was wrong. 

I mean look at that adorable French inspired packaging. Never thought something so cute and fun would be so mediocre. 

Now let's get to the reviewing part and what I didn't like about this palette. 
As lovely as the colors are I was very upset with how they appeared when I applied them on my lids. If you blended too much they basically washed away, and that's only if you could get any to stay on the lid in the first place.
 Don't worry I used an eye primer like always. Actually two different ones and still got the same result. 
The only way I got the shadows to appear was when I wetted my brush with my NYX matte finish makeup setting spray {here}.
 Once I did that the colors were beautiful and bright and looked amazing. But all that work doesn't seem worth it to me.

If you don't believe me and still want to snag the palette get it {here}

Oh and if you buy it at Ulta there is a gift with purchase which is a deluxe travel size of eye primer and their better than sex mascara.

 You have to remind the people at Ulta about it. The lady at mine almost dogged me out of it. She was like "I don't think it comes with a gift" and then was pointed to the sign and she said "there is none left" and I was like well could you check? So she did and was all "Oh we have two left here you go". Yeah so don't be afraid to be pushy.

Such a dream boat of perfection, only if I enjoyed this product more. Really a shame because I ain't afraid of a little color on my eyes.