Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bump N' Grind

I don't see nothin' wrong with a lil bump n' grind, and you shouldn't either. 

This top is EVERYTHING and more. I came across it the other day while online shopping at I usually go straight to the sale link first just to see what I can find first since I'm cheap. Little did I know I would find this pot of gold! Not only did I get the top on sale, but also the cobalt bralette as well.

Like I've mention numerous times before, I pride myself on my bargain abilities. I would like to thank my mother for teaching me the way. This isn't something every woman is born with, it's more like a gift. I hate to brag, but I hear all the time from friends saying they wish they could be like me. Only for the fact, that I always strike gold when it comes to shopping. I've been asked multiple times "how do you do it" or "teach me your ways". Now I'm telling all and letting out my dirty little secretes.

 Ladies it's your lucky day since I will be giving you all my personal tips for scoring big in your closet while keeping your pretty little wallet full. Trust me I'm a professional with skills like dis you better listen close.....and take notes!


 1.) Shop often

This doesn't always mean buy often. It's just so you can see whats out there.
Maybe you have your eye on that red hot mini, but don't feel like thrown' down the moolah for it.  By shopping often you can see and almost predict when stores have sales. So by the time that mini goes on sale you'll be the first to get your hands on it. I learned this through Zara. I can almost predict when they'll have a sale without checking my email or getting notified about them.

2.) Rack City

 Always head to the back of the store first where the sale racks are. I've learned that you never know what goes sale unless you check. Once you've hit up the sale racks then you can check out the rest of the store. Always make your way from the back to the front. They trick you by putting all the new hottest items in the front when the real gems are hidden in-between.

3.) Be adventurous

In order to find the best of the best for a bargain I suggest checking more than one mall. I know this can be annoying and time consuming. But don't stick to the bigger more popular malls. I find the some of my best pieces at the smaller less traffic shopping centers. WHY: because stuff isn't picked over giving you more options to browse through.


4.) Take advantage of online shopping. Most women I know are great online shoppers, but for me it's a little harder. I like being in the store where I can try things on and be confident they fit properly and look good on. Although I'll say I have been much better at shopping via web even if it's mostly sale items.

Finally we come to the last rule which is KEY when shopping in stores here is my...


Act cool.
I take this one very seriously. It literally can make or break you when wanting something. For example, say you're browsing the same rack as someone else and they hold up a top you really want. If you eye it down and seem interested in it the other girl will notice and won't put it down even if they don't like it. WHY? Because thats what girls do. So play it cool and seem uninterested. That way they put the shirt down and you can move in and snag it for the win.

Top // Revolve Clothing on sale {here}

Bralette // Splendid color is sold out but more {here} & on sale {here}

Bottoms // Forever 21 old similar {here} {here} & {here}

Booties // Sam and Libby at Target {here}

Crystal Coin Necklace // Poe & Arrows Rockwall, Tx {not online}

NYX Butter Lipstick in Razzle {here}

Clutch // Napoleon Perdis gift {not sold}

Now hopefully you guys and gals learned a thing or two and just remember #ActCool.


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