Thursday, April 24, 2014

-Contouring made EASY-

Do you find contouring to be difficult? Do you hate seeing all those over the top complicated contour maps on Pinterest? I am let's take a second to thank Nars for helping us all overcome our fears of contouring with their new contour kit. Which is fool proof and easy as pie.

The compact comes with two colors. This is basic, but I'll explain why just to ensure. The lighter color is to illuminate the high points of the face. AKA: brow bone, cheek bones, and bridge of the nose. Now the deeper shade is the color you'll use to define and enhance.  

1.) Tap your brush into the darker color
2.)  Suck your cheeks in
3.) Press brush onto hollows of cheek starting at top (begin at hairline)
4.) Key is to press it all the way down in a line (no swiping)


Now if you feel like you over done it with the contour, great no problem. Just dabble your brush into the lighter color and go over it. AKA it's like an eraser. 

Yes, this brush has a red bottom! If you didn't get the memo Nars redesigned their brushes and they look/work better than ever. I am currently obsessed with the #21 Contour brush. It's dreamy and helps  ease the torture of when contouring like a pro. It's angled for obviously reasons and is unlike any other angeled brush out there. It's stiff and makes it effortless when sculpting them cheekbones huntie.

"You cannot achieve good makeup without good tools." - François Nars

Let's be honest you NEED the brush. Brushes are investments especially if you take good care of them. (wash at least once a month, but if you're like myself then once a week) It's $42 dollars, but totally worth every single penny. Snag it {here}

Now you that you babes know how to get the perfect contour you better sissy that walk.

Get the contour kit {here}


  1. Hi. I was wondering if you can compare the new contour brush with the flatter NARS Ita brush in terms of contouring. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I would love too! I just got the brush and I'll try to get the review up in about a week or so!