Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Nordstorms Rack 

Whenever you want new shoes on a budget the Rack never fails. I came in looking for flipflops (for the pool)this weekend and came out with none. At least I didn't leave empty handed I scored three awesome pairs. I say for about all three it was about $120 (including my 20% discount). 

How hot are gladiator sandals right now? The answer: super hot n' trendy. These Steve Madden were around $25 at the Rack usually $69 {here} but check the Rack before spending the full price for them at Nordys. Similar {here}

This Franco Sarto flat is probably my favorite purchase of the day. Mainly because I typically wouldn't pick this type of shoe, but when I randomly put it on I fell in love. Not so much with the look, but with how comfortable they are. Which will be perfect for walking the strip in VEGAS this weekend. I will say this shoe style is growing on me. Not on sale > {here}

Birkenstocks are back and still ugly as ever. But don't judge me for thrown' down $69 for them normally $100+.  I just couldn't help myself when I saw them. Thinking that these will be my pool/walk the dog shoes for the summer. Remember how comfy Birkenstocks are? Thats why I couldn't leave these babies on the rack.  Oh and they had a ton of these in all sizes at the Rack mine were $69 on sale get some similar {here}


  1. Haha I can't help but think the same about Birkenstocks, but I'm still obsessed! Jealous of your finds!

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    1. Thanks lady! I will see you next weekend correct??