Friday, May 16, 2014

Fruteria Cano

One thing I will tell you about having 5 brothers is that you get spoiled  A LOT. Not to brag or anything, but it's pretty nice. Earlier this week I went to dinner with my brother Justin and had so much fun. I made him take me to Fruteria Cano. If you don't know about this place then you're missing out. So much fresh fruit and stack on stacks of pineapple, mango's, and watermelons. It was nice having him treat me to some delicious-ness.

It was so colorful in the store I couldn't help but take pictures. Yes I was THAT annoying girl lol. I felt like I was in Mexico.

This was absolutely phenomenal. Fresh mango and coconut slices in strawberry yogurt and granola. There was so much mango and it was only $5 amazing! I recommend you try this place if you live near Lakewood. Yum yum!

Check more out {HERE}

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  1. Love places like this! Thanks for the recommendation! :)