Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nars Lip Pencils

Let's talk about some of my favorite Nars Lip pencils. I usually have a few of these on hand anywhere any time. They are easy to use and the color stays on extremely well. I will tell you that they are stains so they will STAIN yo lips. 

In order from top to bottom

Train Bleu (Velvet Matte)
Dragon Girl (Velvet Matte)
Red Square (Velvet Matta)
Luxembourg (Satin)
Yu (Satin)
Lodhi (Satin)


Well that's that Now I recommend you go and download Lily Allen's new album "Sheezus". My happy songs from it currently are "Air Balloon", "L8 CMMR" and "As Long As I Got You". I love her style and humor.

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