Friday, May 23, 2014

{Summer Wardrobe}

Today I want to talk about transitioning into Summertime attire. Here in Texas I've been pretty much wearing my summer wear for the last few weeks. I just wanted to show you guys what my typical summer time looks are.
 I like to think that my style is very versatile. If you go into my closet you can see anything from bohemian outlaw to 80's granny swag. I don't have one type of style on lock down. I tend to dress for my mood. I'm weird I know anyways, here is a list of my  basic summertime fine essentials:

jean shorts
white tee's
Skater dress

I feel very strongly that you cannot have enough shorts for summer. I believe in a good black pair, a faded pair, dark pair, a washed out, and of course a classic pair with no rips or holes. Oh and also  printed shorts and a clean nice white pair. Too much? Nahhh shorts are the most appropriate item to wear in summer y'all. Now with that I like to keep it simple lots of plain white tee's and tanks on deck. It's my go to outfit. Basic, but classic when decorated with the right accessories. Via statement necklaces and arm swag. Below I have put together seven typical looks you can see me rocking through the summertime.

{Top Forever 21, Shorts ZaraNecklace Poe and ArrowsBooties Buffalo Exchange}

{Top ZaraShorts Forever21Necklace Color By Amber}

{Top Urban Outfitters On Sale, Shorts Forever21}

{Top Nordstrom SimilarShorts The Junky Monkey So PoshNecklace Buffalo Exchange}

{Top ASOSShorts Forever21Necklace *my moms*}

{Dress Forever21}

{Dress Urban Outfitters on sale, Shoes Nordstrom Rack, Flannel Pac Sun old, Necklace Nordstrom}

Trendy Tips:

1.) Hats
Wearing a hat can change your look. I think hats also make anyone instantly look interesting and shows off their style in a unique way. I have a basic floppy hat, a classic hipster hat, and several snapbacks in my collection.

2.) Gladiator sandals 
These are the shoe for summer. Somehow Gladiator sandals are the MUST HAVE item of the summer so go get your self a pair. You don't need more than one so find a neutral pair that you can rock with anything. 

3.) Flannel
Flannel's aren't just for the winter honey. Nowadays I can't go out in public without see someone wearing this wrapped around their waist. I like to wear them when going out kinda as an J.I.C. (just in case) item. I always get cold whenever I go inside places, and since I live in Texas wearing a sweater or light jacket in summer isn't realistic I opt for a flannel. It's practical and always in style.

Because no outfit is complete without some eye candy. I tend to stick with lots of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Earring are not really my thing. I need to be better about them, but I always feel like they are too much. I'd rather have a statement necklace than have them  competing with earrings. I feel it's too much, but if someone wants to show me how to rock both then help a sista! lol #SOS

Beauty Tips:
I never leave the house without these three things in my purse:

2.)Bright lipstick
3.) BB/Tinted Moisturizer

All of them of obvious reasons. I hate when I don't have chapstick handy. Lip gloss doesn't cut it when my lips need to be rejuvenated. 

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  1. YASSS HONEY! I love the summer inspo. Beautiful pics too!!!

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