Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chanel Fall 2014

F.Y.I. the Chanel Fall 2014 collection is out and guess what....

I'm the first to tell you all about it. You're welcome beauty addicts. Now come into Nordstrom and see me asap so I can ring it all up for you!! (seriously)

I know Summer hasn't started yet and we're already talking about Fall beauty trends. Trust me I think it's strange too. Lately I have been working out of the Chanel counter. The other day *Sunday to be exact we received our Fall collection. It's exciting to see the trends coming out for Fall. I will Say I don't love everything this collection has to offer, but there is some that I am drooling over. I will say expect more color and pops of warm tones. Shall we begin?

First off who would of thought bright colors would be back in for Fall? Very ballsy for Chanel, but I ain't mad about it. It's all about being bold and making a statement this year. I like the warm colors and pops of pink. Although I will say the colors aren't the most pigmented. They go on very blahhh. I took me several swipes to get the colors to show up on the back of my hand. So you would have to work with them and pack them on if you plan on wearing them.

These are the new limited edition colors for the lips in the Rouge Coco Shine formula. Now this formula is what you get if a lipstick and lip gloss had a baby. A nice smooth hydrating shiny sheer color. The hot pink one "Viva" no.95 is obviously my favorite. I like these lip colors because anyone can wear them.

Now my absolute favorite items in this whole collection is the nail color in Atmosphere and matching gloss to go with it. it's almost an iridescent purple grey. This gloss is to die for and look fabulous over ANY color. Especially over my Kylie Jenner 90's throwback brown nude lip. I'm in love. I'll take two please! How amazing is the polish too? Pretty pretty please.

Ahhh seriously can't get over the polish I NEED it in my life. It's the perfect nude/pearl color out there. I literally put it on during my lunch break at work. I couldn't help myself. I hope y'all enjoyed viewing the collection any questions about the colors or prices just holler atcha girl!

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