Friday, June 6, 2014

Dallas Eats The Young

If you're not following @Civviesclothingco on Instagram then there is something wrong with you. So Go ahead (I'll wait) and like them. All done? Ok good! Great! Fantastic! 

What a better way than to represent the city you're from than by wearing a Doberman with Dallas skyline behind it? Lmao, but really  it's pretty dope if you ask myself.  You guys already got the 411 last month when I posted about Fruteria Cano well I need to brag about them again. I went in for some Mango on a stick and well I got distract by Piña Colada in a pineapple. It looked much more delicious before I took these photos, but I couldn't help but sip it. I know my impatient ass couldn't wait 5 minutes. These photos don't do it justice on how divine it tasted. Like I said before go get yourself one then thank me for showing you all this deliciousness. 

You can find this top and many more on their IG. For the fellas this version is sold at Centre in Mockingbird station. I will say that this is probably one of the most comfy tee's I own in my closet right now. It has a soft vintage feel to the fabric which I'm a sucker for. The graphic on this shirt makes me feel like a real bad A$$. Can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeves on future products. Until then I'll be wearing this until it donezo.

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