Sunday, June 29, 2014

Flash Tattoo / Child Of Wild

Recently I've been getting a ton of love from my Instagram post of the flash tattoos. I've been seeing these around Pinterest, blogs, and especially Instagram lately. The other day I was hanging out with my old roommate Laura (from Ruffled Ink Designs). She just moved here (Dallas) from Charleston NC. I could not be more happier to have such a close friend around. We had a quick lunch date and I decided I should show her the best that Dallas has to offer. Which is right in my neighborhood a.k.a. Steel City Pops and Milk And Honey boutique
While we were at Milk and Honey I came across a package of flash tats.  They were inspired by Child of Wild and the pack was only $30 for 4 sheets of temporary tattoos. I of course had to have them since I've been seeing them everywhere. They are probably the most trendy thing right now. I love them because they are so vibrant metallic and shiny.

I even got a repost from Child Of Wild via their Instagram which was totally rad and made my day!! Thankkk you!! xxoo If you're like me then you would defiantly like Child Of Wild's feed so go follow them! All their photos are dreamy and perfection!

So easy to use all you do is use a wet cloth or paper towel and wet it. Then take the plastic sheet off the paper and place the tattoo wherever you desire. Press it on to the tattoo for about 30 + seconds. I always like to go a bit longer to ensure it's perfect. Then reveal you're new tat! Should last for about 5-6 days and comes off easily with baby oil.

Plus it looks so pretty who wouldn't want more than one!
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