Sunday, June 1, 2014

Free People Halter //

Let me tell you about what my favorite thing is to wear. You ready for this? It's a bra...believe it or not. I usually can't wait to get home and take off my bra and relax. Thanks to Free People I have found the most comfortable bra ever. The best part about it is the way it looks. It can make a plain T shirt look good effortlessly. It's pretty to look at and sometimes I even sleep in it because its THAT comfy. 

Free People carries a huge selection of unique bras with crazy back and funky straps, but I have found this exact style to be my most favorite. This bra has been around for awhile and I think it's underrated and is easliy overlooked. 

They call it the Gallon Lace Halter Bra
check out all the colors {here}

{Leopard print} I originally got this one at Nordstrom Rack for $19 plus 20% off #EmployeeDiscountYo

Front View:

Side View:

Back view:

Honestly it was the perfect bra to for me to wear since  I got my seconded tattoo. My beetle tat is placed just below my under arm (where a normal bra covers). Since I didn't want to wear somthing that was going to be directly ontop preventing oxygen to get to the new ink I search and found the Halter bra.  I literally wore this bra for three weeks straight allowing the skin to heal.
 Now I'm obsessed and it's become my signature look. So naturally I had to purchases it in multiple colors. I've received tons of compliments each time I wear it. Everyone at my work got inspired and now they rock them too. #YoureWelcome

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