Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kylie Jenner Makeup 2014

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I mean Kylie Jenner has been killin' it lately and I ain't even mad. Everything about her is on point she is by far my favorite "Kardashian". Damn I'm obsessed. She's my celebrity spirit animal for fashion. Crazy to think that she is only 16, but I don't care.
Recently her makeup has got me feeling some type of way. I have never been more inspired by someones makeup than hers. She has this 90's swag that just gets me. I'm so in love with her lip color and how it matches her blush. This week at work I was determined to replicate her brown matte lip color. I didn't quite nail it, but I think I did a pretty good job of matching it.

Keys to achieve the 'Kylie Jenner' 90'S look

1.) Complexion 
This is everything. You need a matte foundation if you want her skin. I used Nars sheer matte foundation, but Chanel's {Perfection Lumière} makeup works just as well. You NEED to use a brush when applying this on and blend blend blend. Then use a big powder brush (I like this one) and blend Nars's powder foundation on top. This is extra, but trust me you need to if you want to look flawless. CONTOURING is a must. Take that Nars Contour brush that I talked about here and use same technique with Tarte's Amazonian clay matte waterproof bronzer. To highlight use this with Too Faced Candlelight glow above cheek bone, brows, and under eye. Blush needs to be simple and match the lip color. Less is more you want a brownie shade. Instead of placing it on the apples of the cheek apply it a little bit further back and blend it into your contour.

Nars sheer matte foundation {Santa Fe}
Nars Powder Foundation {Barcelona}
Tarte Clay Matte Bronzer {Park Ave Princess}
Too Faced Candlelight {Glow Duo}
Nars Blush {Sin}

2.) Brows
It's no doubt that full bold brows have made a come back.  Kylie's are perfect and it kills me. Must be nice to have a glam squad on deck at any given hour. I first filled mine in with the Tarte's brow pencil. Then I took a sharp angle brush like this one and picked up some Galapagos by Nars and gently outlined underneath my brows from the inner out. Then a little just where my arch is and back.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Pencil{Medium Brown}
Nars Eyeshadow {Galapagos}

3.) Lips
You really need to use lip liner to achieve Kylie's 90's dull brown color. You want a lip color with no gloss or shine (important). I first outlined my lips with 'Whirl' by MAC then filled them in. Then I applied 'Velvet Teddy' by MAC. Now here is the trick to give those lips that matte/dull look, you ready? Concealer, yes I apply a few dots of concealer on the top and bottom of my lips. Then I gently bounce them together until it fades and turns muted. You might have to use your ring finger to help blend. Finally  carefully use the concealer to trace around the lips. This allows them to pop and gives a polished look.

Lipliner MAC {Whirl}
Lipstick MAC {Velvet Teddy}
Concealer Chanel {20}

4.) Lashes
Your lashes need to be full and thick. Whether with false lashes or a bomb a$$ mascara. My favorite falsies are the Ardell brand in {120 Demi} & {Demi Pixies} Now if you don't love applying fake lashes like myself then you need to have the best mascara and that is the Le Volume mascara by Chanel the applicator applies twice the amount of product in just one swipe. If you haven't tried it then get your bum into Nordstrom and purchase one asap.

Mascara Chanel {Le Volume} *2 coats

5.) Eyes
Neutral shadows ladies. I mixed MAC's 'Brown Script' and 'Saddle' in my upper and lower crease #BLEND For my lower lid and ball of the eye I placed 'Lorelei' from their new Alluring Aquatic summer collection. (sold out I think) my bad, but 'All That Glitters' also works instead. Then put Stila's Dune under the brow bone to highlight. Kylie doesn't always do her flawless winged eyeliner, but when she does it's unstoppable. I love the Laura Mercier Crème eye liner with a stiff angled brush I love the Sonia Kashuk's no 27 angle eye liner brush. Oh and make sure to blend 'Saddle' under the lash line. You can always make it smokier with 'Galapagos' if desired. I lined my waterline with YSL's waterproof eye pencil because I can't live without it being lined.

Mac Eyeshaow {Saddle & Brown Script}
Mac Alluring Aquatic Eyeshadow {Lorelei}
Stila Eye Shadow {Dune}
Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner {Noir} *optional
YSL Waterproof Eye Liner {Black Ink} *optional

Hope this kinda help break down her signature look. I'm not gonna lie I hope I live to see the day that she revels what lip color she wears. #GiveMe

Just so you know I'm bringing the tattoo henna choker back. Don't hate. I know you want one too. I can't stop wearing mine. I know we all wore these stacked around our necks in elementary school. You wren't cool if you didn't have one. So I guess we were all cool kids cause everyone and their mom comes up to me about it. It's chill I don't mind I will let you know that you can order yours {here} via Amazon. You can thank me later, peace.


  1. this is amazing! i'm completely obsessed with this child. i actually just shot photos today of a similar inspired look to come soon. btw, i have some serious #browenvy

  2. did you use the same lip products in all of your pictures? love the lip look in your first image

    1. Yes in all the photos the lip was the same!