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Aztec Clay Mask |

Working in the Beauty industry I assume everyone knows how to clean their face, right? WRONG! People are really dumb or at least idiots when they come into the cosmetic department. I get the craziest answers when I ask customers "what's your skincare routine"?, "Do you exfoliate"? Their answers 50% of the time shock me. You would be surprised the amount of women who don't clean, or know how to clean their face properly. I'm getting into a whole other subject that should be addressed in another post. So I'm going to leave this at that for right now and show y'all something I've been dying to tell ya.

>>> The Aztec Secrete Indian Healing Clay Mask <<<

This stuff is life changing, well or at least face changing. I had a few friends suggest this product to me. Finally one day at Central Market I picked it up and used it that night. I regret not taking before and after photos of my skin #wtfmate. I know huge FAIL on my part, because I had some nasty pimples that miraculously reduced in size by 70%. No joke my skin was being really awful that week and this mask help clear it up a bit. I usually never see results right away with other masks. This one just gets me I guess.

Benefits and why you should be masking

-Replenish Nutrients
-Increase Circulation
-Reduce Blemishes
-Tighten Pores
-Reduce Puffiness

There are a million types of facial masks out there and I'm just telling you about my current favorite. This one removes the poisons and toxins in the epidermis. The mask basically lifts blackheads and pimples while its lifting these into the clay all the minerals are pushed into your skin. Did I mention there are over 50 minerals in the clay? Making this mask 100% natural which is good for you. #ovbi I just really love the fact that this mask works. It's hard to find quality products that do what they say.

How to use the mask?

You will need a small bowl and a spoon. Pour some of the dry clay mask into the bowl and add water OR apple cider vinegar and stir. I always use the apple cider over water any day. Only because it sounds more exciting than water. It will fizz when you add it to the clay. I like my mask super thick so I'm always adding more clay to  bowl to get the perfect thickness. Once it's applied I chill and relax for about 30 minutes. Then I remove the clay with warm water and a wash cloth. That's all folks! F.Y.I. I should mention that the mask will tingle and pulse when it starts to harden.

Oh and did I mention it's only $6.99

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