Monday, August 25, 2014

Boho Summer //

 LipcolorShocking Pink {NYX}
HairAdriana Torres {Pouf Blowout}
TanL'Oreal Sublime Bronze self-tan mist{Walmart}
Lashes: Shelby Alyssa {SouthernBelle Lash}
Nails: 'Fiver' {Butter London}

I always seem to go MIA every once and awhile, my bad y'all. As summer winds down I get more and more sad. Not because I hate "Fall", but I realize I did shit with my summer. Like I literally have done nothing fun. I've been a big fat lame with a capital L.
First thing first it went by WAY too fast. Like seriously, where did it go?? Secondly I'm pasty as fuhhh, thanks Texas for raining a lot. No sun makes me a sad panda. My tan should be at a level 10 instead it's at a modest 3. I will say with the help of L'Oreal's Sublime self-tanner I'm at a solid 8. 
 I tried this stuff out after a random late night Walmart trip. I go through my St. Tropez tanning mousse way too quickly to be spending $35 a pop. The Sublime is cheapest at Wally's world starting at $9.47. If you get it anywhere else it will be $10 + FYI. I like that it gives me a natural subtle glow without being over-powering with color. It literally dries down to where you don't feel sticky at ALL. (perfect for me since I do it before bed) The only downfall is that it sprays out clear. First time I used it my heels were dark brown from walking on the bathroom floor during/after my application. But now that I know these things I'm a pro at applying it properly.
I also wanted to say how proud of myself I am for this being the first time in about a month and a half that I got a blowout. I know thats not very long, but it's a lifetime for me. I've been rocking my natural curls lately and I'm trying desperately to grow my hair out long. It's challenging having to battle outrageous frizzy curls everyday, but when it's down to my butt it will be al worth it. I just have 5+ more years to go. lol seriously my hair doesn't like to grow if you have any suggestions I'm all ears. I take Biotin, and am using sulfate free shampoo.

'Myer' BootNorstrom {DV by Dolce Vita}
Denim ShortsMedium {Forever21}
TopEmma & Sam {LF}
NecklaceRockwall, Tx {Poe & Arrows}
KimonoForever21 {Here}

Anyways, I'm still infatuated with kimonos and bright lipstick. Did I ever mention my most favorite item from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale? It's one of the best things in my closet currently. The Dolce Vita 'Myer' charcoal suede boot. If a hot pair of over the knee boots don't scream sexy then I don't know what does.
I love this style so much because I'm a shorty (5'2) and the length of the boot makes me feel like I have legs. It instantly dresses up anything you wear with them. They also have a little bit of height, and my feet don't kill in them. Comfort is key ladies. I've been seeing over the knee boots in a ton of fall look books so you better get yourself a pair. Have y'all seen the Free People Lookbook? It's everything tons of inspiration.
 Oh and ya girl may have gotten eye lash extensions again. I'll explain more next time :)

Also did I mention I'll be in Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands this week? Kinda makes up for feeling so bummed out about this summer. I can't wait to see giant turtles, blue footed boobies, and of course the ocean. Vacayyy that I very well deserve lol HURRY UPPP!


Monday, August 11, 2014


My favorite part about my parents living on a lake are the BUGS. So today I came over to their house to work on my summertime fine "tan". Instead of turning on my belly and tanning my backside I got distracted with all the dead bugs on the patio ground. For some reason there were a lot of bugs laying around everywhere. I picked the coolest looking ones and brought them home with me! If anyone would like to help me identify some of these critters I'll love you forever.

Row 1 (and down)
Have no clue what this guy is/ Horse Fly?/ June Bug
Row 2
White-Lined Sphinx Moth/ Green Bottle Fly/ Dragon Fly/ Giant Leopard Moth Caterpillar 
Row 3
Same as row 1 still no clue/ Help/ June Bug

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Evil Eye Nails

Lately I have been getting bored with my manicures. So I hit up Pinterest to find inspiration. I posted a while ago the evil eye mani on my Sunday Cleanse post. Ever since then I've been dying to try it out! Yesterday after work I headed to my favorite salon Castle Nail Spa. Showed them a pic of what I wanted and got this. I'm obsessed and loved how it turned out! Instead of using nude I switched it to a hot fuchsia pink for an even bolder POP.  Oh and you can't go wrong with a white collared short sleeve dress.  #TwiggyVibes

Dress: Urban Outfitters {here}
on SALE $59