Friday, September 19, 2014

Beyoncè 'XO' & 'Flawless' Video Makeup

If you missed the HBO On The Run Tour special I feel bad for you son. I watched it and felt so incredibly inspired I had stop what I was doing to channel my inner Bey.
I've been in love with the "XO" video ever since it came out. I think it was Bey's makeup and that caught my eye the most. She also has the best facial expressions in this video that make her seem like a normal girl, rather than this perfect superwoman she is.

Since I decided to play around and experiment with reenacting this look I did the liberty to transition it into her "Flawless" video look as well. Obviously that was the second best decision I ever made. 

Not only is this makeup amazing, but it's a perfect transition into Fall. Am I right, or am I right?? Dark lips are what Fall nights are about. The low-key supple smokey eye will forever be in style. Flawless skin will never be out of trends so I kept it cool and did medium bronzer and didn't get out of control with the blush. I will say you want to use a blush that is soft. Ya almost want it to  match your bronzer.

MAC {Texture} // this is your crease color use this to blend I even use it all the way up to the brow bone take this color and blend it under the bottom lash line (FYI i didn't use a highlight for under the brow in this look)

Trish McEvoy 24hr eyeshadow stick in {Topaz} // Place this color on your lower lid from lash line and up a little and then blend with a clean brush also take it and smudge it on the bottom lash line

Take Nars's Soft Touch Shadow pencil in {Agile Noir}and use this on top of the Trish Topaz almost as a thick eye liner and blend some more 

I used a random Matte black shadow and blended it on top of the Nars shadow pencil for drama

Finally I take NYX's roll on shimmer in {Almond} and add this on top of the black and also in the tear drop and under this gives a nice shimmer

Lorac PRO Brow pencil in {dark brown}

Use Nars satin lip pencil in {Luxembourge} all over the lips then take NYX Butter Gloss in {Devil's Food Cake}and place it on top be generously

 Nars Sheer Glow foundation // Napoleon matte bronzer {here} // Too Faced CandlelightGlow duo highlighter {here}

// Now for our FLAWLESS look //

I woke up like dis... Here's my spin on her epic 'Flawless' music video look using the same makeup from the 'XO' look. Oh and I really do think I look just like Beyoncé here so don't try to tell me different. 

Basically all you need to do for this look is go in way harsher with your bronzer to contour more and add a hot black cherry lip. Oh and maybe some smoke to up the eyes up a bit and add a more aggressive blush.

go in and smokey them up with some more matte black eye shadow I also added black eye liner to my water lines YSL {waterproof eye pencil}

Contour deeper with a bronzer like 'Chocolate Soleil' matte bronzer by Too Faced {here} I apply it with my Nars #21 contour brush {here} then always blend it out with my Trish #5 brush for a flawless finish {here}

Train Blue velvet matte lip pencil is everything for this look {here} I don't use anything else except for concealer around the lips to make them more appear more polish and crisp

"you have as many hours in the days Beyoncé"
remember that


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